Mike and Diane Gomori, Owners

Mike and Diane settled in Chesapeake when Mike retired from the United States Navy after 27 years of service.  They liked everything from the climate to the local community.  Mike knew he wanted to own his own business.  After deliberation and research they decided that their next passion would be a restaurant.  But not just any restaurant.  One of fine food, fine wine and friends.  One that the local business community and the neighbors would embrace because the owners were neighbors themselves.

Mike runs the business side and Diane is the General Manager.  Together they run a tight ship.  It hasn’t been all fun and games but they have weathered the storm of a new business startup and have settled in as an important part of the Chesapeake restaurant community.  It is one of the very few locally owned upscale restaurants in the city.  Surrounded by national “chain” restaurants, Passion has indeed been well received by local business owners and members of the community.

Mike and Diane do not hesitate to give back to the community.  They belong to several charitable organizations including their church.  The restaurant has donated to many different groups in need and participates in fund raisers on a regular basis.  The art work in the restaurant is for sale with a percentage of the proceeds donated to a designated local charity.

Finally,  they both have learned a lot about the restaurant business.  They have worked very hard to listen to their guests and implement numerous ideas that have made Passion a very complete establishment.  There are now more reasons than ever to visit and to visit regularly.  A new lunch menu, the addition of Tapas and other specials makes Passion more complete restaurant experience.

Mike and Diane invite you to stop by or make a reservation and enjoy a night of Martinis, great food, fine wine, and service.