Like most restaurants, we at Passion listen to our guests and implement their good ideas in order to keep our guests.  Our guests told us how to get them to come back and visit more often.  We listened.  We acted.  Please come and see us as often as you can.  Thank you for your business!

Seasonal and Holiday Specials

Check out our Current Events page.

Happy Hour (5pm – 7pm Monday through Sunday)

Wind down in style and let traffic pass you by as you enjoy an excellent selection of drink, wine and suds.  We only ask that you drink responsibly… but eat as much as you like. 


Weekly Specials

Tuesday:  Half Price Wine Night*  (5pm – 9pm)

Be frugal or go for that nice bottle and enjoy a Tuesday night with good food, good wine and good friends.  Need help paring?  Our staff is available to help.

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Wednesday:  Martini Night (5pm – 9pm)

Like Martinis?  See you every Wednesday.  Martinis are priced to sell.  Need we say more?


Quarterly Specials

Wine Dinners

We offer quarterly wine dinners featuring top domestic and imported wines.  The wines are specially selected to perfectly complement award winning Chef Garret Barner’s unique  and exquisite six course menus.  Reservations are required.  $100 per person.  Visit our calendar for wine dinner details.